A Guided Tour of the Library and the Historical Archives at the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Hellenic Economic Library Network (H.E.LI.N.) - 2017 Activities

The Library of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) has organized a guided tour for the public in the Library and in the Historical Archives on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 from 12:00 to 14.30. The guided tour is part of the program of activities that the Hellenic Economic Library Network (H.E.LI.N.) has scheduled for 2017, including informational visits to the Member Libraries of the Network.

Participants will learn about the PIOP Library which maintains the library collections of important Greek banks that have been acquired by the Bank of Piraeus Group. The collections include about 57,000 Greek and foreign-language book titles as wells as periodical publications. The library possesses titles in the fields of research and activity taken by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, as well as by the Piraeus Bank Group generally, such as industrial archaeology, history of technology, museology, cultural management, anthropology, folklore, ethnology, economics and social history, finance banking and economic issues, geotechnical and environmental issues, agricultural economy and policy. The special collections which include material dating from the 19th century are a significant part of the Library. There is also a Children’s Department in the PIOP Library for young friends where educational programs are held for the student community. The Library organizes a variety of events in cooperation with other institutions as part of its own activities, reflecting its active cultural role in the local community.

The PIOP Historical Archives are housed in a former industrial building complex in the Tavros neighborhood of Athens. The complex has been transformed into a multi-cultural site with modern archival storage capabilities and has the structure required to host the general public. Some of the topics that can be researched in the collections include the development of Greece and its economy as a whole and by its subsectors, in the 20th century. The research can be done through the activity of financial institutions from all over Greece, state organizations and companies that cover the whole production spectrum. The actions of PIOP Historical Archives establish them as a key area of research in the economic and social history of Greece in the 20th century with the ambition to be continually represented in the cultural map of Athens, the capital. The Historical Archives are primarily for the research and academic communities but are also for educators and artists, Bank of Piraeus Group personnel, the local community and the general public.

The meeting point for the beginning of the guided tour is the PIOP Library (Salaminos 72-74, 17675, Kalithea, near HSAP Kalitheas) at 12:00 p.m. Participants will be then transported from the Library to the PIOP Historical Archives (Doridos 2 & Irinis Avenue 14, 17778, Tavros). At the end of the second guided tour, participants will be transported to the nearest metro station, Kerameikos.

Entrance is free, in order of priority as seating is limited. Registration is required and must be submitted electronically (please click here). Further information is also available on the H.E.LI.N. website http://diovi.lib.unipi.gr/ and on the social media networks including Facebook: ΔΙΟΒΙ, Twitter: diovi_helin. Please note that the entire event will be in Greek.

For any other information, please call the PIOP Library at 210 3739651-2.