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The web sites of Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) provide important information to the academic community. The availability of the web content in the future, however, is not guaranteed. Indeed, the web content may not be available in the future because a hosting web server may not be operational, or because the contents of a web page have been refreshed with the result that previous versions are lost. Therefore, the archiving of web content is necessary to preserve and maintain the information on the web sites of the University. Internationally, the archiving of Web sites of public interest is provided by either National Libraries or institutional libraries

The Library of AUEB and DB-NET have initiated the archiving of the web sites of AUEB. This service is accessible from: and offers the capability to browse and search the archived eeb content. The users may search in the text of the archived data, or for a specific URL from the web sites of AUEB. In addition, it is possible to restrict search results to a specific time frame.