Alphabetical index of printed journals

Title Access Subject
IBM Journal of Research and Development Engineering
IBM Systems Journal Engineering
IEE Proceedings Software Engineering Software/Databases/Programming language
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Graphs
IEEE Engineering Management Review Engineering
IEEE Intelligent Systems and their Applications Engineering
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications Engineering
IEEE Software Software/Databases/Programming language
IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Communications Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Computers Computer science/Data processing
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory Research methods/Cybernetics
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Computer science/Data processing
IEEE Transactions on Reliability Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering Software/Databases/Programming language
IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics Research methods/Cybernetics
IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics, Part Α: Systems and humans Research methods/Cybernetics
IFLA Journal Information sciences
Industrial and Labour Relations Review Manpower
Industrial Management Production/Industry
Industrial Marketing Management Marketing
Industrial Relations : a journal of economy and society Manpower
Industrial Relations Journal Manpower
INFOR Information Systems and Operational Research Administration
Information and Management Administration
Information and Software Technology Software/Databases/Programming language
Information Economics and Policy Production/Industry
Information Processing and Management: an international journal Libraries
Information Processing Letters Computer science/Data processing
Information Services and Use Information sciences
Information Systems Libraries
INFORMS Journal on Computing Research methods/Cybernetics
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics Insurance
Intelligence : new visions of A I in practice Mathematics
Intelligence in Industry Engineering
Intelligent Enterprise Computer science/Data processing
Intelligent Software Strategies Engineering
Interfaces Administration
Internal Auditor Accounting
International Affairs International relations
International and Comparative Law Quarterly International relations
International Business and Economic Research Journal Economic sciences
International Economic Journal Economic conditions
International Economic Review Economic sciences
International Financial Law Review Commercial law
International Journal of Accounting Accounting
International Journal of Bank Marketing Finance
International Journal of Conflict Management Administration
International Journal of Educational Management Administration
International Journal of Educational Research Educational system
International Journal of Forecasting Economic sciences
International Journal of Game Theory Mathematics
International Journal of Geographical Information Science Engineering
International Journal of Government Auditing Public administration
International Journal of Human Computer Studies Research methods/Cybernetics
International Journal of Human Resource Management, The Manpower
International Journal of Industrial Organization Labour economics
International Journal of Information Management Administration
International Journal of Intelligent Systems Artificial intelligence
International Journal of Knowledge and Learning Administration
International Journal of Management Reviews Administration
International Journal of Manpower Manpower
International Journal of Market Research: the journal of the Market Research Society Administration
International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management Transportation
International Journal of Political Economy Political science
International Journal of Power and Energy Systems Engineering
International Journal of Technology Management Administration
International Labour Review Labour economics
International Marketing Review Marketing
International Migration Review Migration
International Organization International law
International Peacekeeping International relations
International Political Science Abstracts = Documentation Politique Internationale Political science
International Regional Science Review Welfare State
International Review of Applied Economics Economic sciences
International Review of Economics Economic sciences
International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law Invention/Pantent
International Review of Law and Economics International law
International Security International relations
International Spectator Political science
International Statistical Review Statistics
International Studies Perspectives International relations
International Studies Quarterly International relations
International Studies Review International relations
International Tax and Public Finance Public economics
Intertax Public debt