List of Courses in English 2022-23

Dear Exchange students, 

we present you some important notifications concerning the Study Program: 

  1. The study period for the Fall Semester is by 10.10.2022 to 24.02.2023 and for the Spring Semester by 28.02.2023 till 07.07.2023.
    All Erasmus incoming students are kindly requested to take into consideration that the above mentioned dates MUST be respected (ERASMUS STUDENT CHARTER: Erasmus students should comply with internal regulations of the host institution). As a result they should not reserve their return tickets for earlier dates.
  2. Changes to the study programme should be exceptional, as the three parties have already agreed on a group of educational components that will be taken abroad, based on the course catalogue that the 1st Receiving Institution has committed to publish well in advance of the mobility period and to update regularly. Any party can request changes to the study programme within two weeks after the start of each semester. These changes should be agreed by all parties as soon as possible, within two-weeks following
  3. Attendance at each course is compulsory, after submission of the final Learning Agreement. Three justified absences from each course are accepted. The same applies for the Modern Greek Language course, which is offered free of charge at each semester.


The COURSES OFFERED IN ENGLISH for the Academic Year 2022-2023 are presented on the file below: