Statements of the Rector, Professor D. Bourantonis and the Vice Rector of International Cooperation and Growth, Professor V. Papadakis

AUEB’s Rector, Professor Dimitris Bourantonis:

"The Athens University of Economics and Business is the most recognized University in the country in the fields of Economics and Business. Its fundamental values ​​are: Excellence, Extroversion, Innovation and Social Responsibility.

The international orientation of the Athens University of Economics and Business aims at promoting the international cooperation of the academic community with universities and research institutions around the world, thus contributing to the formation of a wider international climate of common educational orientations and goals.

The uninterrupted flow of information, the exchange of know-how and the integration of culture among the academic communities ensure the diverse and dynamic presence of the modern University.

The Athens University of Economics and Business, in the framework of formal bilateral agreements with international academic and / or research networks, organizations and associations of universities, implements practices and promotes activities at an international level that contribute to the creation of an intercultural dialogue on research, education, entrepreneurship and excellence”.


AUEB’s Vice Rector for International Cooperation & Growth, Professor Vassilis Papadakis:

"The Athens University of Economics and Business has been established in the academic community, as well as among students, society, but also in international assessment bodies, as a leading Greek University in the scientific disciplines it treats. Being a pioneer, since 1987 it starts the student exchange Erasmus program and the annual participation is nearly 300 students who visit foreign universities while nearly 320 foreign students, visit AUEB. So far, more than 230 Erasmus inter-institutional agreements have been realized.

The unwavering strategic goal of the University is the active participation in the international academic environment, the development of prestigious international collaborations and in general the strengthening of the international impact and its recognition through excellence in research and education. To this end, five strategic priorities have been set:

1: Strengthening the international presence of the University

2: Strengthening International Mobility Programs (Erasmus Programs)

3: Strengthening the existing English-language programs and creating new ones

4: Strengthening International collaborations for education and research

5: Development of English-language graduate programs

To achieve these strategic goals, AUEB participates in numerous international organizations and international rankings of higher educational institutions, in order to improve its services and to further reinforce its international position and projection.

AUEB has 3 faculties, 8 departments, and 28 Postgraduate Programs -8 of them are taught in English. It also has 33 research laboratories.

In the last 2 years (and despite the difficult conditions due to SARS CoV-19) we signed

• 7 memoranda of collaboration with renowned Universities around the world (UQAM, ILLINOIS, KELLEY, PAVIA, CYPRUS, HEBEI)

• We were the only Greek participation in the international university network (Hermes Group), and

• We hosted professors, undergraduate & graduate students from prestigious North American Universities (William & Mary, Indiana University Bloomington) who participated with our students in common actions.

AUEB's orientation towards internationalization is a component of its identity since via collaborations with international organizations, Universities, and educational institutions, it maintains one of the highest positions in the modern academic and business world.

Internationalization is for us the path to the future. A path defined by cultural diversity, diversity, inclusiveness, innovation and social sensitivity".