Finquest by Alpha Bank: An open-innovation competition

FinQuest by Alpha Bank, the international open-innovation competition, is here!

Customer experience is the ultimate factor. To achieve high level of customer service, new technological solutions are necessary in order to provide fresh offerings such as: new forms of engagement, new features thanks to emerging technologies, different UX build on data-driven insights. At the same time, technology is the means upon which we must meet needs in a humancentric way and bring real added value to the customer. In this Quest, you’re challenged to use your digital super powers and submit your proposal for a new digital banking experience!


FinQuest aims to enable innovative proposals and make the FinTech community part of the industry’s transformation. It leverages Alpha Bank’s leading know-how and its network of top performing partners, in order to offer added value to external teams and become a growth pillar of the FinTech ecosystem


The areas of interest are:

* Customer onboarding and engagement

* Predictive analytics

* Identity management

* New digital products

* Personalization and unique context driven solutions

* "Phygital" banking


Following assessment of all applications, Alpha Bank will select up to 7 teams to enter the 6 week accelerator where training and mentoring will be offered.


Follow this link to apply for the competition until September, 30.