Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics was established in 1989. It is the first Department of Statistics in Greece. The research interests of the faculty cover a wide range of theoretical and applied topics in Probability Statistics and related fields such as Econometrics and Demography. In the international research scene, the Department maintains a strong and continuous presence through publications in international journals, participation in international conferences and research programs.

In addition to the undergraduate program, the Department of Statistics offers an MSc Program in Statistics and a Doctoral Program in Statistics.

Faculty of the department


Dellaportas Petros
Frangos Nikolaos
Karlis Dimitrios
Kostaki Anastasia
Kyriakidis Epaminondas
Ntzoufras Ioannis
Psarakis Stelios
Vasdekis Vasilios
Yannacopoulos Athanasios
Zazanis Michael

Associate Professors

Kandilorou Eleni
Livada Alexandra
Merkouris Panagiotis
Pavlopoulos Charalampos (Harry)
Tsiamyrtzis Panagiotis
Vrontos Ioannis

Assistant Professors

Besbeas Panagiotis
Demiris Nikolaos
Ioannidis Evangelos
Papageorgiou Ioulia
Zimbidis Alexandros


Ntegiannakis Stauros

Scientific Collaborators

Ayfadi Maria

Chairman: Vasdekis Vasilios
Deputy Chairman: Karlis Dimitrios
Secretariat: Brilaki Angeliki
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